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Thanks to direct partnerships with tourist accommodation around of you, we allow the dissemination of your activities to as many people as possible. This visitor may be the ambassador for your activity and communicate around it

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Save time

We take care of the whole relationship between the visitor and you, from provide information to the visitor for the smooth running of the experience. Simplified organization you allows you to concentrate on your job.

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Increase your income

Without any additional cost, it is possible for you to increase your income by offering experiences according to your know-how and knowledge of the region.


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To propose an experience, you just need to register and to fill necessary elements concerning your offer. It's free, simple and fast, get started by clicking here



We take care to validate each of the experiences registered on the site according to a charter grade precise. We check that no element is missing and that the visitor can enjoy in full of its activity



As soon as a visitor makes a reservation, you will receive a notification indicating the information reservation to organize you efficiently. Your constraints will obviously be taken into account before the reservation



You receive the full price of the experience you offered upstream. He is practicable for you to offer several experiences to increase your income.

A real community.

Every day, we expand our service provider community to bring visitors finest possible experiments. We wish to bring together a regional dynamic directly within tourist accommodation in order to satisfy their needs with authentic activities, from proximity and quality

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Junto accompanies tourists during their stay by suggesting personalized experiences, quality and proximity. Through upstream research and our community of partners, we offer of unique experiences, off the beaten track.

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